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Who are we?

We are Sneakerz Club UK! We are a business that strives to offer everyone a chance to purchase luxurious brands at a reasonable price. We are committed to providing affordable and excellent quality UA's.

What we do

Hi there, you may have been wondering what all this talk about UA is and what it means. But do not worry, we will explain it all to you below.

Our shoes are listed as ‘UA’ which stands for unauthorized authentic. Unauthorized authentic means that they were made in the same factory and with the same materials as the original product, but sold by someone other than the retail company.

Major shoe companies do not stick to one factory to produce their shoes instead, they assign a certain number (i.e. 30,000) per model for each factory to produce. The thing about all of these factories, is that they do not produce just the assigned number of pairs. They will produce double the amount! sometimes even 5 times the amount of shoes! The reason being, is that they need these extra pairs to replace the rejected pairs after they fail to pass quality inspection.

What happens after the shoe company receives their assigned number of shoes? 

Then in this situation, the extra pairs of shoes that were rejected or didn't even get to the inspection stage (because the company has already reached the quota) So these pairs are left in the factory and that's how unauthorized authentic come to the market.

They are made in the same factory, made by the same workers, and use the same materials as the authentic pairs. only difference is that they didn't get licensed or authorized by the shoe companies. The factory then sells these shoes to shoe dealers like us.